Friday, 10 September 2010

Art Shoppage!

Hi all,

As I mentioned in my last post my camera got stolen by some nasty little man on the street who decided to pick on my Mrs. Basically I've still not got a new camera - I'm going to be selling one of my bicycles in order to buy something suitable.

In the mean time I might try and post something here and there using my (crappy) iphone camera like this post.

Thought I'd show you a little update of some shopping I did at the weekend. I'm on the verge of painting my Deff Dread so hae been browsing weathering techniques. One that eally caught my eye was the oil paint spots method so expect a 'Beginers Guide To...' on that over the next month or so.

The tube shown above them there is an acrylic matt glaze medium. I've never used it before but found a great tutorial here bout multi stage blending and he uses this to thin his reds without losing opacity -something I've been struggling with. Again, as I figure out how it works I'll be letting you all know.

Along with these bits I have my Angels Sanguine list ready to go, plus almost all the models for my initial 2,000 points too. I've also got some pics to do of those nasty Skaven who are coming out fairly nicely. Plus the above mentioned Deff Dread and Kans, a 'study' in black (to find a more subtle way of hi-lighting black rather than everything having grey edges) and finally a couple of random conversions and some re-paints.

Hope that sounds like enough to keep y'all going for now - I really need to be more organised and actually finish some of these projects!
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