Thursday, 28 October 2010

Double Treat! I'm Back + Angels Sanguine

Hello dear Readers!

So, it's been far too long since the last update and we have a little catching up to do!

We have a (slightly) more proper look at my Angels Sanguine redux, a (messy) look at their future transport options and a couple of useful other bits along the way!

I still haven't got myself a new camera but have managed to borrow one for the time being (hurrah, no more phone pictures). The problem was, it takes useless pictures, or so I thought. I was browsing CMON and came across a lighting question in their forum. I splashed out £17.99 at Argos (there's an American version on the link too I think) on this and no longer blame the camera. The light I had before was what was useless I guess? Anyway, I can now take o.k pictures again so here we go:

My old (never finished) BA army
Back in August I wrote two pieces on stripping paint from models using a couple of different cleaners. This was brought about by my desire to change my old Blood Angel army into a shining new Angels Sanguine force!

Up until the start of this month my guys were looking pretty sorry for themselves, being some what grey and naked, so I finally got around to restoring their pride, and their paint!

Blood Angel redux: Angels Sanguine
I went and bought a box of Death Company, Sanguinary Guard and an Assault Squad and proceeded to pluck various heads and limbs from a few of the existing troops to replace with the new blingy Blood Angel parts. Avoiding the obvious blood drop/wings items on the sprues  I've come out with bits lightly scattered through 20 assault marines, 6 Death Company (using al the parts with the crosses on), five Vanguard Veterans (mainly San. Guard parts) and two Sanguinary Priests.

That plus a can of Army Painter Dragon Red spray to make my life a little easier and the foundations of a painted army are already laid.

Here's a wee showcase for y'all, along with a few pointers. It's VERY red:

Kit-bashed to the extreme, these two guys don't look it but have parts from old Blood Angels, Dark Angels, new Blood Angels plus the metal Apothecary arm I'd forgotten I had. I really quite like the right guy's sword fighting stance.

 Veteran Sergeants using almost all new parts from the DC and Assault boxes. The lightning claws are some (very) old metal Terminator ones, wonderfully exaggerated and impractical but very cool!

Click to enlarge
Note about the terminator - see below
Click to enlarge

My Vanguard Veteran squad is made up of Sang Guard torsos and legs with 'regular' marine heads and assault weapons from a couple of different sets. I've used the single thruster jump packs without the wings to easily differentiate between these and the regular assault troops.

Everything went well with all these models but (there's always a 'but') it's a good job I did  couple of tests with the spray first. I needed to decide to spray over a white or black undercoat, although neither are necessary with the Army Painter sprays, so did a 'test' of each. 
The Terminator model on the middle of the above three pictures was the white test. You can see he's a brighter red (more noticeable in real life). After that comparison I went with a black undercoat to give a deeper, darker red. The other bonus with the black undercoat is that there's an element of 'natural' shading where the red doesn't get in the deepest nooks and crannies, this is visible on most of the above models.

I was going to do some points about the Army Painter spray but the photo up-loader is being mischievous so I'll post that over the weekend for your viewing pleasure!

As a parting gift here's a sneak peak of Angels Sanguine stage 2; The Stormraven

It may not look like much just yet but I literally bought it yesterday! here's a few of my bits boxes ready to be plundered for parts to add to the Valk kit. This one's going to be fun!

Until next time folks...

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