Thursday, 12 August 2010

A Sudden Lack Of Technology

So, what's a blog with no pictures?

A pretty rubbish blog!

Therefore please excuse the brief lack of posts - my camera was stolen from my girlfriend over the weekend. Not a nice experience by any means but she's O.K which is the main thing. In the mean time I've borrowed a posh DSLR which taking a little figuring out!

A quick round-up of things to come: Three red painted marines - test models for the Angels Sanguine. The completion of the Skaven Queek and Snikch I was painting for fun. The first steps of my 40k Ork Dreadmob (3 Kans and a Dread). Finally, with a little luck, a mini side-blog - pro's and con's of having your girlfriend want to paint models (no, I couldn't believe it either but she's just built and primed her first Ork boy!).

Hopefully things will be back up and running after the weekend as I'm off to a wedding and need to figure out this fancy camera machine!

Laters all,

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