Friday, 20 September 2013

From The Chopping Board - Darkshroud Progress

I've been adding little bits and bobs to the bikers this week and finishing off the last few riders. It's not the most exciting for photo's so I'll show them when it's time to paint.

Yesterday I went back to working on the Darkshroud. I'd started working on it a few weeks ago and then put it to one side as I couldn't decide quite what to do with it.

Whole bunch of pictures after the jump...

For those that haven't seen this a couple of posts ago, here's where I was at last time with it:

For the above I'd mounted the bolter on the 'pulpit' itself. I wasn't happy still with the top though as it was still very chunky and the rhino hatch just didn't look right. This is why I put it to one side while I decided how to progress.

Yesterday I bit the bullet and sawed off the whole pulpit/turret section:

**Top tip** - Have a plan. I sawed this off and then realised I had no idea what to replace what I'd removed with! Foolish.

30 minutes of rummaging through parts etc later I finally had a plan! Apologies in advancefor the photo's - they're all very work in progress snapped sporadically off my phone. Here's how it's working out so far:

First off I added a small section of tube and green stuffed around it for strength. Next up I needed a new turret piece:

Old Imperial tank wheels are a bits box essential! The middle one was the best size after a quick review and dry fit. They have a very useful peg on the bottom that fits nicely in that tube:

Dry fit view:

The improvement is most noticeable from the side profile which is now lower and more sleek:

I then bent some plasticard and went to work building up around the wheel piece:

This is when it got a little trickier. To fit pieces onto such an unconventional shape - straight and round edges - I made several paper versions. Paper is handy as it's so much easier to trim, to draw on etc. When I have the paper template that fits correctly i use paper glue to stick it to plasticard and then trim the plastic around it. That gives you this:

So that's where I'm up to right now. Plenty of bits still to go but not bad progress for a couple of days of winging it!

I also played a game today against my friends GK/IG force. It was my first game with a heavy Ravenwing presence. Over all I lost something like 8-2 but it was a much closer game than that score would suggest. I was too cautious and need to really get the hang of going for the jugular with these guys!

I'll hopefully have more progress over next week. Have a good weekend all!
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