Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Time Flies and Nothing Gets Done!

Almost a whole month since my last post?! WHOOPS!

Here's what I've done in the hobby this last month:

  • Started to play Malifaux, I'm three games in and slowly grasping the learning curve despite having inadvertently picked a 'tough' beginner crew - Colette Du Bois and her showgirls. 
  • Started building Malifaux models. Nothing mega news-wise there, apart from that the gangs legs are about 2-3mm wide and need pinning to their floorboard bases, it's been a bugger.
  • Played a couple of games of 40k with the Angels Sanguine. Two small games (1,000 points) against my friends Chaosy Space Wolves, won one lost one, a good way to play for a change (list building is a pain though).
  • Finally started to paint the rest of the GK's to catch up with the Vindicare from last month (see post below this). 30+ silver coated models need all their weapons and armour joints painting black for starters, and their bases given a coat of brown. This has been a) slow progress and b) BORING. Hence no updates.
So there you have it. I've also been majorly skint (out of money for you international readers) so not even any exciting purchases!

I'm playing a 10k-12k Apoc game on Sunday so will report back on that and then do something more substantial on the Malifaux thing. The Grey Knights will start to trickle through once the paint layers make enough of a difference to show them.

So there you go, I am still alive but it's been a slow month on the updates, will hopefully manage two or three before Christmas though if I can get enthusiastic about base coat painting! 
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