Saturday, 23 July 2011

Grey Knights On The Cheap

With seemingly the whole internet complaining about GW's price increases last month it's the most expensive that it's ever been to start a new army.

Yet, if you are watching the pennies, there are other ways to buy a horde of our favourite plastic addiction without having to starve or miss paying the rent.

I just spent about £35 and have a brand new Grey Knight army. Not bad huh? More on this 'after the jump'!

Hi all, it's been almost a month so I really should apologise. I've been lazy, yet busy if such a thing is possible! Work, job interviews and weekends away have all meant that the Grotto's been a little empty recently yet there's been a steady undercurrent of activity on a whole new army which, as already mentioned, worked out pretty darn cheap!

Part One - The Forgotten Army

When was the last time you looked through your bits box? I don't mean to find a specific part but the last time you emptied it out to see what you actually have in there? This is what made me go for Grey Knights over Dark Eldar as I found I already owned:

An Inquisitor and lots of retinue! There's a few more Stormtroopers not shown but not a bad start - an HQ and an Elite for free already.

Left over bits of power armour and terminator Grey Knights. These were both bought for my Angels Sanguine for bits but that left me with five whole termies and plenty of power armour arms and weapons.

Old power armour Grey Knights. I stripped the paint off these and they're shown here with their new plastic weapons and Interceptor backpacks. Only one of them needed a little green stuff.

Two Chimeras and a Rhino, that's transports sorted then.

So, go dig through yours boxes gentlemen! There's stuff here I knew I had and stuff I'd totally forgotten about but just from this I have HQ, Elite, Fast Attack and dedicated transport sorted.

I'll post the other half of this thread tonight so you know how to fund an army, where to shop around and see what I got out of it!
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