Monday, 6 June 2011

Stormraven: Matching The Official To The Scratchbuild

Through last winter I built my own version of the Stormraven to use with my Angels Sanguine army. Having had some good successes with it I decided to double my fleet with the now available official model, but how to make them look at least like they're meant to be the same machine...

The model I first built was based around the Imperial Guard Valkyrie. I didn't want a manned cockpit like the 'real' version ended up with so I used the lens and sensor array pieces from the Valk. Similarly I wanted an automated style turret so used parts from the Razorback with assault cannons from the Landspeeder.

As luck would have it I ended up with a model almost exactly the correct size:

When I came to building my second 'Raven I didn't want them to look completely different. Nor did I want to have to do another complete scratchbuild, nor did I want to scrap the original one and replace with the official ones.

This meant I'd try to eliminate the big differences to at least tie the two craft together. The main sections to swap would be the manned cockpit and turret, adding the canard wings and changing the air intake behind the turret to the Valkyrie 'spine'. With that in mind I ordered the following parts from a couple of bits sites:

Here are those parts in place on my original version:

And then here's a (very) rough mock-up of how these parts will sit on the new model:

Even at this very early stage I'm quite happy with how it will potentially look. I'll obviously have a little covering up work to do for the cockpit and weapon mount space.

One problem I've had with my version of the model is transporting it. I've had the front landing leg snap off and struggled to fit it in my regular army transport (cardboard box) so one thing I decided to do was crack out the magnets for the wings:

Two magnets per wing hold everything together nicely. While I was at it I also built the hurricane bolter doors and, after making a small frame to fit through the hull between them I had the option of swapping between them and the plain doors like so:

This build should get finished up on my day off this week then I can paint the two at the same time.

Painting, must do some painting. And need to paint more Assault Marines, and crack on the with the Dark Eldar I built in February, then there's the Scrouges I bought the other day (BEAUTIFUL models) and the...*sigh* you get the idea!

Painting updates will hopefully be more regular!

See you later all!
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