Sunday, 22 May 2011

Angelic Storm Shield - A Quick Tutorial

A quick and easy tutorial on creating simple yet good looking storm shields for a Blood Angel or Dark Angel (or anything wing related) army.

Hey folks. I'm going to keep this one really brief as it's really simple and I can explain it in just a couple of photographs.

On Thursday I posted pictures of my WiP Honour Guard, three of who bear a storm shield. Storm shields on power armour marines can be tricky as the 'real' ones are hard to come by. There is a shield in the assault squad box, though some argue that that is a combat shield instead.

I wanted my storm shields to look a little more fancy as the Blood Angels and their successors like their toys a bit more pretty than the average marine. I also wanted them to reflect the aesthetic of the chapter and the fact that they were to be taken into battle by the cream of the elite - the company Honour Guard.

To this end I decided to use some of the 20 spare Sanguinary Guard wings I had left over from the two boxes I've bought (I'm not a huge fan of them on the backpacks). I cut them down to two different sizes along the lines of the different layers of  'feathers':

From left clockwise: wing, storm shield, combat shield.

This was just a case of a sharp hobby knife and some careful trimming. Once you've got a nice tidy edge glue them to the fore arm of your chosen limb and flip them over:

Closed fist from the Grey Knight/ Sanguinary Guard sprue.

The arm options you have will vary depending on your bits box. Boltgun right ams are very usable but you'll probably want to cut them at the shoulder to open out the pose a bit. The boltgun arms also have a little bit of trigger guard by the index finger that it's worth quickly trimming off for neatness. Above I used a chainsword arm and the closed fist from the Grey Knight or Sanguinary Guard sprue. You could just as easily carefully trim away the chainsword and use the existing fist.

Then it's just a case of a little green stuff at the top and bottom of the hand to represent a handle. I might also add a fixing/strap further up the fore arm to make it more secure looking.

Finally make sure you leave space for your chosen shoulder pad. This is something I've learnt through error and I'm having to slightly trim the pads I want to use with these arms. Ah, good old hindsight.

The finished product.

One last thing I might do is add something (although I don't know what) to the smooth space on the corner part of the wing - see where the purity seal is on the combat shield shown above - to represent some kind of power feed or field generator or similar. I'll have to play around with that and see.

Hope this has provided a solution for any of you puzzled by how to represent you power armoured storm shields on the table top!
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